World most expensive thing that doesn’t belong to the EARTH!?

We are talking about the world most expensive thing as per its quantity in compare to other. It doesn’t mean to have big island or building with diamonds and rarest stone. even this doesn’t belongs to our planet and doesn’t hold a lots of value. but the cost of getting those thing preparing machinery the resource that has to be use. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has decide to gather the Mars soil from the Mars and bring it to our planet Earth. If the Mars soil lands on earth, it’s predicted that it’ll be the foremost expensive commodity on earth. During its three missions on the Mars, the NASA has decided to bring in 1 Kg. of soil to review the presence of ancient life on mars.

If we glance at the mission with reference to the expenditure, NASA, during these three missions, is getting to spend 9 billion dollars. If we attempt to understand the value of it with reference to 1Kg of gold, then for 1Kg of soil, NASA is arranging to spend over 2 lakhs times more then the cost of 1Kg. gold around 122 Billion dollars. A huge amount and less quantity makes it the world most expensive thing. The soil will undergo various researches after it arrives earth. Currently, the research about Mars’ surface is being administered with the rovers sent to the mars. This may be the primary time for the scientist to understand about the surface through its soil within the laboratories

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World Most Expensive Thing That Doesn't Belong To EARTH !?

Why the soil of mars is so expensive ?

NASA is aiming to get 1Kg of soil from the Mars over the course of three missions. it’s estimated that these missions would cost over 9 billion dollars. the primary mission will initially examine the sample of the soil and collect it. The second mission will collect and pack the samples during a launcher. The third and final mission will get the sample on Earth. The mission of this series had already been launched in July 2020 with its Perseverance rover. The rover landed on Mars in February 2021.

The Perseverance rover is currently trying to look at the presence of ancient life near Jezero Carter of Mars. it’s believed that this carter was a neighborhood of a lake that had disappeared a billion years ago. The presence of water is that the best thanks to predict the presence of life on a surface, which is why the rover is situated near the crater to review it extensively. The rover is provided with high-resolution cameras which cost around 20 million dollars to capture photos of the surface. consistent with NASA, the samples from the surface are going to be collected by 2023 but to bring them back to earth might take over a decade.

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