Windows 11 to MacOS Original Look Customization

Windows 11 to MacOS

Customize your Windows 11 to MacOS. The best Looks and best optimization. Also You can revert back to your original windows version. Below is the tutorial for customization in hindi. Follow these steps and just in 10 minutes of efforts will make you impress.

Downloadable file as shown in Video

  1. Secure UX Theme
  2. BIB3 for Windows
  3. LIT3 for Windows
  4. My ZIP File
  5. StartAllBack
  6. My Dock Finder
  7. Rainmeter
  8. Bluesh

Create a restore point

The first and most important step is to create a restore point of your current windows. It will make it easier for you to get back to your windows whenever you want from your mac OS.

Search “Create a restore point” Open It, Select C Drive > Configure > Turn on the system protection and set max usages to 11% > Ok > Create > name “Take me back to windows 11”.

Hide Desktop Icon

Close all application and right click on the screen and choose view then click on show desktop icon.

Download SecureUX Theme > Move this file to C drive and run the setup to install it, While installing tick on Hook SystemSettings Hook Logon UI Rename Default Colors and then install it

Download Theme

BIB3 for Windows
LIT3 for Windows

First Join the website and login to download both the Themes on your system and extract both file.

Now Open LIT 3 for windows > windows theme > select LIT3 file + LIT3 MAC NAtheme + LIT3 MAC theme (Press and hold ctrl while selecting) and copy it.

Open C drive > windows > resources > themes, and paste the copied file here.

Now open BIB3 for windows > windows 10-11 themes > Dark mode only > select BIB3DM file + BIB3DM MAC NA theme + BIB3DM MAC.theme and paste it to the same folder like before.

Patch BIB3 & LIT 3 Themes

windows to macos

Now open Local Disk/C drive open ThemeTool.exe select BIB 3DM MAC NA and patch it, select BIB 3DM MAC and Patch it, LIT 3 MAC No Addressbar and patch it, Now select LTI MAC and patch it, again select LIT 3 MAC and apply.

Now you can see the buttons are changed to MACOS theme.

Customizing Cursor, Icons, Widgets

Download My ZIP File, extract the zip file

Open that extracted folder & open 7TSP icon theme > Open 7tsp.GUI click yes, Add a custom path, here you have to add 7tsp Big Sur lightmode which is present in the same folder where 7tsp.GUI is present.

Click on start patching > Click yes to restart your PC. It will change the looks of files/folders.

Download StartAllBack > install for me > Explorer choose 3rd option Win7 Command Bar and uncheck Mica effect on top and uncheck Classic search and uncheck Details pane on bottom

Advanced > check use custom start menu and put scroll bar to 0 and close it.

Close all windows and right click on taskbar menu below > select Lock task bar and move taskbar at the top of the screen. again right click and keep icon size to s.

Go to downloads in file manager choose Make windows 11 look like macOS choose Move LeftSider and move the folder to move here.

Now open Move here choose LeftSider right click leftsider.exe and create a desktop shortcut.

Right Click windows logo and click on run, type “shell:startup” without quote > ok > move that desktop shortcut to that folder > open leftslider.exe

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Cursor animation

Go to my folder and open cursor. Right click on install.inf and install it and minimize it.

Now right click on your screen and open personalization > themes > mouse cursor in scheme choose Big Sur, Apply.

Move Icons

Go to my folder > Move Icons (right click> view > load icons) now open software.

In My folder select Move MY Dock and before it download MYDOCK extract it.

Now open My folder > Make windows 11 look like MacOS > Move mydock to move here. Now open Move here > MyDock > Double click on MyDock.exe It will change your theme dark.

In the same folder install VC_2015-2022.x64.exe and VC_2015-2022.x64.exe and close all windows.

TaskBar looks

Go to task bar and right click > preferences > edit as per your wish > see the settings in advanced option scroll down and in Backup Dock icon file select Tech Rifle Mac Dock > ok > ok

Now again right click on task bar and choose preferences, in Global setting scroll down and check auto start at boot. Advanced > check the Turn on window borders to prevent blocking windows.

In the same tab open Monitor and check CPU option

Optional – For Widgets

Download Rainmeter and install the setup. Right click and unload everything that’s open after installation and Download Bluesh now open it > uncheck apply included layout and install it.

Go to your downloads and open the file name make windows 11 look like mac > Time (Required Rainmeter Installed) > Move macOS by Tech Rifle to Move Here.

Now Right click on windows logo in taskbar and open rainmeter > Open Layouts > Refresh all > select macOS by Tech Rifle > Load then close all windows.

Apply Wallpaper

In downloads > open the file named make windows look like mac > macOS wallpaper > Apply any wallpaper by right click

Access Windows & Apple Menu at the same time

On top right click on windows icon to open windows menu and Left click fo Apple menu.

Dark Mode

To switch in dark mode. Open c drive > ThemeTool.exe > Yes > select BIB 3DM MAC > Check Ignore background, Check Ignore cursor, then apply. Now in taskbar right click and open preferences and choose Dark theme.


How To Uninstall This Theme

There is 2 ways to uninstall this theme.

  1. Using System Restore
  2. Manually Remove Everything

Uninstall Everything Using System Restore

In top apple icon right click to open windows menu and search for create restore point. Open it > System Restore > Choose a different restore point > Take me back to windows 11 > next > Finish > Click to restart and your pc will restore.

MAC Theme Is now Uninstalled

Uninstall Everything Manually

In taskbar click on horizontal line choose preferences > global settings uncheck Auto start at boot. Close it. Again in taskbar click horizontal line and chose end the program.

Now at top you will see windows taskbar right click their and open properties and in icon size choose L. Close it. Now hold the top taskbar and move it to bottom.

Now in search icon search for add or remove programs. and uninstall startisback then Uninstall Rainmeter check Completely remove all personal settings file. Now Close everything

Open file manager > downloads > make windows 11 look like macos > 7tsp icon theme > 7tsp GUI > Restore > ok > yes > yes(Pc will restart now).

Delete LeftSider Shortcut

Right click on windows icon and choose Run and type shell:startup and ok. Right Click on that shortcut and delete it.

Open File manager Go to C drive open ThemeTool.exe > check Hook Systemsettings, check Hook LogonUI, check Rename DefaultColors > Uninstall. Now also delete the setup.

Go to C Drive and Delete Big Sur Dock Folder + LeftSlider Folder + MyDock Folder. Also Delete All your recent Downloads.

Open C: Drive > Windows > Resources > Themes > Delete BIB 3DM, LIT3, BIB3DM MAC NA.Theme, BIB3DM MAC.Theme, LIT3 MAC NA.Theme, LIT MAC.Theme.

Your MAC Theme is now UnInstalled manually 🙂

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