What happen when in aeroplane window brokes during mid flight

What happen when in aeroplane window brokes during mid flight what to do..

What will happen when you are sitting on your seat during the flight and by chance or by mistake. your or someone’s side window is broken? Is it dangerous what you think? an airplane may be crash or there may be no worry, what if you faced this situation what you will do let us know as a passenger what happens and what we should do. this may be a do or die for you. Take a deep breath and have a look below to find a solution to this situation. 

Real cases

What happen when in aeroplane window brokes during mid flight what to do..

In 1990 A plane named BRITISH AIRWAYS FLIGHT 5390 a same event has happened . This plane is at Hight of 17,000 feet from sea level and the front glass of piolet broked. Piolet named ” TIM LANCASTER  his body was literally pulled out by air from that broken area even his whole body thrown out of that area but fortunately his copilot hold his leg tight and another piolet landed the plane in SOUTHAMPTON, England Airport as fast as he can, as an emergency landing. But that piolet’s body was 80% out in air till the plane lands and his life was secured successfully  with a little fracture on his hand  
A same event was happened with SICHUAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 3U8633 in 2018 Just after take off, in piolet cabinet the front whole glass was thrown out of cabinet due to manufacture issue but luckily piolet had their seatbelt so that they were not sucked out in air, and they successfully landed . this incident happened at a height of 32,000 feetHopefully no passengers were harmed during this incident.  

Why this happens ?

What happen when in aeroplane window brokes during mid flight what to do..

So listen the inner area of plane were we sit is pressurized cabin .The  height were the plane flies is too high which creates difficulty in breathing at that atmosphere so this pressurized cabin helps to get equivalent environment as you feel in your house, maintains a similar temperature and environment . 
If their is no pressurized cabin just like a normal bus and when it takes off, the passengers cant even breath and handle themselves so this artificial conditions were created. when plane is at their utmost height the condition out side the cabin is so cold and contains very less oxygen and too much air pressure which makes difficulty in breathing . so when any of the glass brokes then the inner pressure starts flowing out to create equal pressure as outer pressure. due to high speed of plane nearly 500 to 800 kmph impacts the speed of air when window breaks the inner pressure started flowing out with very high speed and force and this is so called EXPLOSIVE DECOMPRESSION . But now a days this window glasses were made too much hard and thick with advanced intelligence with different layers which prevents it from each and every possible thing which may cause a bit  of crack on it.   

What You should do ?

As soon as you notice crack in your side window during mid flight call and inform about it immediately to a caretaker. hold your luggage tight or tie it with some fixed plane luggage case, and the main and most important keep your seatbelt on you and also tell others to do the same as that crack can any time convert into a hole or may broke that whole window. so this will prevent you to remain on your sit during a very high pressure of air which tries to pull you out. This all you can do by yourself rest is on piolet and caretaker to handle this situation. their may be an emergency landing if situation is not cured at time. 


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