I want to stop playing Clash of Clans. What things can I do?

Playing Clash Of Clans a one from the famous games by supercell, is not bad but your addiction to this games may distract you from your carrier and studies. Playing games for a specific time 1-2 hours a day is Ok but thinking about it talking about it and playing a lot may be a danger sign for your future that may make you feel regret about it in upcoming days until and  unless it doesn’t generate revenue for you. 

How can i stop playing clash of clans

let see the story of my school friend to better understand how he get addicted and his daring steps for "Just a attack" and the regret he had feel later and how he manage to stop playing clash of clans.

Hey! I agree COC may be a great addicting game of old days when PUBG like battlegrounds game was not there but few still loves playing clash of clans, I still remember how amazing it was doing wars, different strategies, clan games, CWl and that awesome bases huh! that costly walls 🙁 

A day – 

I saw my friend sitting on last bench next to mine, was playing some game, and I could see some beautiful animations beginning within the screen. In the lunch break, I visited him and asked what was he playing during geography lecture . He simply said ‘COC’ as if everyone knew about it. I asked what COC was, and he told,
” Clash of clans”.

I:- Hmm.
He:- Which is your clan. Which level?
I:- never played this game before.
He:- Dude,you own an android and do not play this game?!! Just try once,awesome game! you do not even notice how time flies.
I:- Okay.
But I ignored him because the game with numerous constructions and a little hut seemed sort of a farming game which my sister plays.

While we were having internal exams after two days, another friend came to my room for group studying. He wasn’t concentrating within the discussion , dwelling himself within the same game. I asked him to participate and concentrate. He said,

” Dude,just one attack!”.

I left him alone whenever I noticed him playing as I had much to review .

When internals got over,I had much spare time. I normally read articles on internet, checkout apps, learn online.He (group study friend) wont to sit in my room for hours to play the sport as his mobile network was better in my room. He knew about my monthly internet tariff (at least 1GB in those days). So he repeatedly disturbed me asking data through hotspot connection in midnights too.

I once asked,

Why does one guys play that game like crazy? most hostel boys are playing!“.

He said,

“Now decide yourself what proportion fun this must be”.

He then took my phone and did something and told, “See, this is often your new village.”

When he went i attempted it. Found interesting. Initially I chatted with foreigners and did some dumbass things of humiliating people and hopping among the clans. Because community there seemed doing same stuff. It never took much time on behalf of me to urge addicted. And the same case happens with you Right!!

Realization of my addiction.

When my marks in next internals went down and that i was feeling of less energy everyday,I realized where I went wrong. it had been due to COC. I noticed some changes in my past days.

  • My sleep cycle got disturbed. Which cause less sleep and each morning-feeling drowsy
  • My readings decreased.
    My study habits changed.
  • Most of the time I discussed about wars,upgrades,attacks and loots than study,doubts, projects, exams and marks.
  • My focus and a spotlight in classes went down.
  • Moreover my mobile usage went up which cause myopia. (Which I’ve recovered, and happy to assist those that are affected)
  • Ultimately I had my time wasted a lot playing virtual games.

What i did!

When I realized this,I uninstalled clash of clans instantly. I even deleted the computer file of the game too.
But it had been pulling me again and again,challenging my willpower. Sometimes I controlled my instincts and sometimes I just downloaded it and played for a while.

If you google, you will get a story of a women where her and her children’s life tousled due to her husband(who’s a cab driver) due to playing COC all the time and spending hard-earned money on gems.

By hitting some level,earning some gems and winning in war could be fun. But i assumed what was I getting by all this in reality? Either some appreciation of fellow COCans or jealousy from them. I find it had much disadvantages than advantages and yes it is too hard for me to left this whole game but once i deleted everything before so its being to boring for me too start from beginning when ever i download coc.

What you can do ?

As i have played coc before i know what are the thing which stops or challenge you to not quit this game this is why I suggest you to leave your clanapologize to them if you’re considerably contributing and honest person. uninstall this moment itself. Delete if you’ve got protected the app file too. Control your instinct to play again. Gradually you’ll lose interest and at some point you’ll forget it as I did. Attend your Google account settings and reject the permission given to COC. I hope you help yourself during this .

If this is not possible, just think what are those things you’re gaining by this. And think what are you losing too. I guarantee you get more numbers in latter.

Your time, grades, moments with friends,  parents and an honest night’s sleep are considerably important than what percentage wars you win, whether you entered the titan league, how much loot you bought and which level townhall you achieved!!

Hope you think about the loss that you may have and profit that you have with this game in your real life in future and stop playing today itself.

Share this story to those who is really addicted in playing games as this addiction may be he realize or not but his future will have a bad impact of this gaming addiction if he is just playing it for fun or just to waste time.
If you also have related story on what dares you have did to play games or how you successfully get out from this maya do comment or mail us here .

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