How To enhance your Windows 10 performance(Updated)

Your computer/laptop is more than a year old and facing a lots of lag while operating it, slow search box, lazy respond, lazy restart, opening of various application after restart, google chrome is too slow, showing page not responding error, mouse pointer fluctuates, low sounds, lazy game launching, suddenly got black screen….. Irritating right !? 

Hopefully this problems can easily fixed, this is not your system error or not a manufacturing error. May be you opened you PC after a long months or you are running high graphics games may be this is not your case but still you facing too much problems while operating. Let see how you can fix this very easily. 

How To enhance your Windows 10 performance Latest settings?
Follow given few steps to 100% improve your PC performance.

1. Update your windows and system applications in your Microsoft store.

The one of the most common reason is your outdated software, you need to update this first before doing some changes lets get updated first.
To update windows go to the

Windows start icon (Right Click) > Settings > Updates and Security then click on Check Updates if any updates is available simply download

If it is up to date then click on optional updates just below check updates option and install if any updates is available then your PC will automatically restarts just wait for a minutes don’t turn off you PC while restarting this will take several minutes. 

After restarting properly go to Microsoft store and update all application if available.

2. Disable unwanted startup programs.

Many a time when you restart your windows and it gets lazy while loading your UI and automatically other unwanted software starts running in your background this will create an extra load and RAM usages while restarting and further running. So you need to disable startup of those unwanted program in task bar.

Right Click on windows icon and open task manager > More details(at bottom) > startup > click on unwanted software > disable (if not)

3. Delete Unnecessary temporary and useless files/cache.

Temp files are the totally waste that is continue storing and filling up the computer space, which may decrease performance of system and try also to delete unused big application or generally games which you are not using any more and clear recycle bin also  So to delete those temp files follow .

Right click on start menu > click Run > Type  %Temp% then press enter  > Select all files(Ctrl A) > Right Click and delete. ( Tap skip if shows some error while deleting )

Again Right click on start menu > Run > Type Temp > Enter > Continue > Ctrl+A > Delete all > Skip for those who required permission .

Again same steps Run > Type Prefetch > Enter > Continue > Select all and delete > skip for those who ask permission.

4. Defragment and Optimize Drives

Go to windows search bar > Search Defragment and Optimize Drives > Click on Optimize and wait this will take a while to optimize .

This built in feature checks all your system windows c drive and optimize all system program for better functioning.

How To enhance your Windows 10 performance Latest settings?

5. Reduce run time service

This will improve startup time whenever you restart your windows .

Open the Run tab> type Msconfig> then press enter> go to Services tab> select all the services and check the box “Hide all Microsoft services” > then click Apply ( if all item were already selected then you will not see this option then leave it ) > OK 

6.Registry tweaks

This is a hidden feature on windows 10 that you should check to improve your windows performance .

Right Click on start menu > select Run > then type Regedit >  press enter > Now open HKEY_CURRENT_USER> Select Control Panel option > then select Mouse > Double click on MouseHoverTime> set the Value date for “10” then click OK.

Select Desktop > then double click MenuShowDelay > select the Value date “10” then press OK.

7. Visual effects of your mouse .

Search > type system and press enter > Then click on “Advanced system settings” > on “Advanced tab” > click Settings >. On the visual effects tab, You can do some changes as per your requirement, but i just crossed “Show shadows under mouse pointer”> for better performance of Windows.

8. tweak the power plan

Open the Control Panel, search Control Panel, and select “Power Options”. On the next panel, click “Show Additional Plans” and then select the “High Performance” option.
This will help your windows to work accordingly may consume more energy but works smoothly.

How To enhance your Windows 10 performance Latest settings?

These are few steps that you may perform and this will definitely improve your windows performance don’t forgot to restart your windows once after doing all these steps. If you opens your pc after a long days then prefer using your PC everyday for at least 1 hour as in my case i also find this helpful. cause system when not used for a log days get a bit slower but restores itself  automatically after using 3-4 days . request not to play and download high graphics games that seems to be heavy for your PC according to RAM as this may harm and burn your processor due to overheating while running a heavy games or software in low processor comparatively .

Drop a comment below if any query or suggestion .

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