Decrease ping and increase network speed android 11(updated)

BGMI is without a doubt one of the best battle royale games available for Android and iOS devices in India. And the quicker you react, the better your chances of getting more kills and winning the Chicken Dinner are. Even if you have a quick reaction time, your ping counts a lot more than you might believe. The ping is the time it takes for your device to send a request to the server and receive a response. Rubber-banding may occur if your ping is excessive, and most of your shots will not register on time. Here are Top recommended tips to Decrease ping and increase network speed android 11.

Decrease ping and increase network speed android 11(updated)

Changing the APN network .

This is the one of the most effective way, to change the APN network of your any sim to improve the data speed. This will also help you while gamming and downloading applications. As good data speed will Decrease ping in game. you can play smoothly. Let see the step that you have to follow as it is.

  • Open the system settings of your device.
  • Tap on SIM card and mobile data or a similar name related to SIM settings.
  • Go to Access Points Name¬†and create a new APN by clicking on ‘+’ symbol at top right corner.

Now Copy or Type same in your settings.

Name : Gk-Pro 5G
APN : .airtel (Write your current sim name which you are using, I am using airtel so i have written .airtel)
Username : Proalpha
Server :
Authentication Type : PAP or CHAP
APN Protocol : IPv4/Ipv6
APN Roaming Protocol : IPv4/Ipv6
Bearer : GPRS, LTE, IS95A, IS95A, IxRTT

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Only edit the mentioned settings and leave all other things as blank and save then switch your APN from old to newly made.

switching the APN manually

Now Check your internet speed at Ookla and see the improvement. Also this will decrease the ping and give you a better and smooth gameplay.

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Clear Cache

Don’t forgot to clear cache of every applications monthly. As this consumes unnecessary space and memory of your device.

Go to the settings > Apps management > Open each application one by one and in storage you will see Clear cache option tap on it once. Don’t tap on Clear data, take care of it.
Alternative : You can also install CCleaner application from playstore in your device. This will help you to clear all cache and optimize your device for better performance.

This is how you can very easily Decrease ping while playing games.

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