Chana Cutlet recipe at home quick and less effort delicious.

chana cutlet recipe

A special dish u should try

A best easiest as well healthy and tasty recipe you may try anywhere , less time consuming , less ingredients this cutlet recipe with Kabuli chana may give you a best taste from a huge list of foods check below the required ingredients and easy procedure as well as short video tutorial on chana cutlet recipe you must try this recipe at your home and serve thsi to your family, guest or some special one.  

Ingredients for Chana Cutlet Recipe

  • Lemon  –       Half piece 
  • Salt   –      Half table spoon  
  • Jeera(cumin seeds)–   Half table spoon  
  • Sounf(fennel seeds)–   Half table spoon  
  • Green chilly 
    + Ginger paste –    One table spoon 
  • Turmeric–              One table spoon 
  • Basen–                   Two table spoon 
  • Chicken masala–   One table spoon 
  •  Cooking Oil–         One table spoon 
  • Toast powder–       Half Bowl 
Chana Cutlet recipe


  • Wash and soak chana overnight. 
  • Cook chana  in cooker till they become mash able but not soggy. Add a touch water and salt in chana before cooking it. (I cook chana on medium-high heat till the primary whistle. Then reduce the warmth to low and cook till 3 more whistles. ) 
  • While the chana is cooking, heat a pan and add oil in it. 
  • Add cumin seeds (jeera). When they start to splutter, add chopped onion and sauté for a moment . 
  • Add grated ginger and sauté for couple of minutes. Add turmeric powder and sauté for another minute, then close up heat. 
  • After chana are cooked, coarsely grind chana in a mixer. (Chana must be piping hot if you would like to mash it.) 
  • Add ground/mashed chana, and sautéed onion to an outsized bowl . 
  • Add red chili powder, garam masala powder, salt, lemon juice, chopped green chilies, and chopped coriander. 
  • Mix to form a dough, then grease your palm with oil and shape patties within the shape of your choice. (I made ball-shaped patties, which I cooked in appam pan. I also made some rectangular shaped ones, which I cooked on a flat pan.) 
  • Coat al patties with lightly roasted rava. 
  • Heat an nonstick pan, add oil in each section, then add the patties ranging from outermost ring first. (Patties within the middle of the pan get cooked first, ones outside take longer time.) 
  • Cook on medium-high heat till they turn golden brown, then turn them over one-by-one. (Keep checking the patties every 5 minutes to ascertain if they’re done or not. Else, they get burnt.) 
  • Add a touch oil from the edges after turning them over. (Rava tend to get quite dry when cooking with less oil, so you’ll need to add a little oil.) 
  • Cook this side also till it becomes golden brown, then transfer them onto a plate. Serve with tomato ketchup or chutney as your taste . 

video tutorial

This video tutorial will explain you well on Chana Cutlet recipe at home in simplest way. Video Credit To Mrs. Archana Devi.

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