Can someone remotely access my smartphone from other device?

Yes! there are stalkerware and software apps that can remotely access your smartphone from other device and also from different location by person who can install this software with or without access to your device. All they actually need to try to know your telephone number. These new software or applications are ready to read your text messages, call logs, activity logs (Google) anything that’s synced, they can take screen shots, check out photos, opens your camera at any time etc. They can’t access secure vaults or anything that you simply have a pass code on, unless they know your pass code or password. I might change these immediately if you think they realize it. These apps are alleged to be “how to catch a cheater” but if you’re taking it to a telephone store they’ll be ready to find the stalkerware. A hacker definitely can assist you out.

Can any one track your mobile

How a stalker can access your phone

There are lots of software that can help stalker to easily access your phone data and everything without touching your phone even a professional hacker can also access your smartphone by using his codes inside any cookie to target your phone activities any many more. 

  • Software like NEXSPY, mSpy, XNSPY, HoverWatch, SpyIc, iKeyMonitor, these are the few paid applications and software that can access your device without touching it.
  • Cookies or unsecured website by embedding the program that automatically install in your phone while browsing or allowing any malicious cookie in browser which can help the hacker to remote your device accordingly. 
  • By taking your phone and installing files online in your internal storage.
  • Through Public WiFi
  • Phishing emails or texts to trick you to click in and put malicious codes in your device

What can be tracked if your phone was hacked and you didn't knew about it.

They can access anything in your device depending on the structure of his codes that he installed in your device.

  • may open your front/back camera anytime.
  • checks your gallery.
  • access your call logs and numbers.
  • can track your live locations.
  • may access the application in your smartphone.
  • able to  see your whatsapp messages and typed passwords.
  • can access your insta or any social account even your gmail account.
  • see your google web history
  • can access your banks account detail if present or when you do transactions.
  • operates your smart phone at any location without touching your device.
  • can blackmail you after knowing your secrets or daily usage.

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How to know if your device has been hacked or tracking by someone remotely ?

There are number of ways you can manage to know the activities that has been performed in your device in your absence let’s see,

  • Screen restarting within the middle of performing on something
  • Calls and texts you do not remember making
  • Screen shots that you simply didn’t take
  • Opening your device on a screen you do not recall visiting
  • Slow speeds uploading
  • Your screen will automatic illuminate when you are not near to your device.
  • Your camera’s small light will glows up as if someone is taking your picture or recording something.
  • Cache could also be  cleared to delete any evidence
  • Fast draining battery
    High or unusual data usage
  • Always check your internet history, camera roll, Google account, for activity which will locate your location, how long you were there, how often you visit there, what percentage times a month, they will link that place with pics taken an equivalent time of day, its pretty creepy, but helpful to some I’d imagine. All of those are often adjusted in your Google account settings.

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How to secure your phone.

There are too many ways you can improve your security of your device or even sometimes it doesn’t mean to have good security this depends on your daily usage and browsing. listed are few tips you should take care of.

  • Do not keep connected for too long with public WiFi and don’t do any personal task on your device when using public WiFi.
  • Never allow cookies of unsecured HTTP website.
  • Don’t try to install any illegal sources over browsers.  
  • Have some antivirus application in your device.
  • Do not install non trusted applications
  • Do not give any personal details or smartphone to any unknown person.
  • Always keep your device and application Updated.
  • Turn off your hotspot in crowd areas.

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