Which Programming languages were used to create COD mobile Vs PUBG

As you know every result has its behind scenes that is hidden from the world, people cares about what they see but do you ever excited to know what is hidden. Hey!! don’t you ever think how these popular games were made of what is hidden in it there behind scenes  ? Aah!! this is why you stuck here let see what were the major programming languages where the developers put their ideas as a coding and created these huge gaming scenario among the people all over the world.  Here we generally compare two huge and popular mobile games PUBG mobile and Call Of Duty Mobile.

Which Programming languages were used to create COD mobile Vs PUBG

Call Of Duty Mobile 

A famous multiplayer game by Activision 

Programming languages used


Yes this is the major programming language which is used in cod mobile as well as in other games. The most dedicated language which is used to create their own gaming engines as our cod team has its Infinity Ward engine coded with C and C++.

C# (C sharp)

This language is used in cod mobile to create environments and add motions in game also a highly demanded language used by developers to create a wonder full games.


A newly and most highly rated among all other programming languages not used as much to create games but this language helps a lots of developer to create with it by using pygame. COD mobile is the biggest example created with this even you can also create various games with this. As being advanced and having a lots of library this language serves a best.


This platform also serve a best and used by activison to create templates and popups blocks in cod mobile


used by COD mobile as being aone of the  multi- platform language amd lightweight language.


Actually being a neater and cleaner version of Java. these language is also used in some areas to build this game .


PUBG Mobile

A global 1 ranking mobile game by Tencent/krafton

Programming languages used


The core language used to develop PUBG mobile. As being a high level programming language and varieties of library this language is used by various developers to create GUI application , web application and games.

Pearl 6

It is a object oriented programming language used to deal with highly advanced task and loops. Also known as dynamic language used to create heavy performance games like Game of thrones, pubg.


As being a common language in game developing environment or application UI creation. PUBG also uses this language like other games do to creat a better responsive UI to serve a quality responsive at different platform like on tab, android, IOS, PCs.

Unreal Engine 4 

PUBG game is completely build in unreal engine 4 which is completely based on C++ and offers a realistic visuals and effects.


This language is also known as action oriented programming language, Which help to add functions animation in the games. Even most of the developers use this language to get a good outcome.

These are the core languages which is used in these mention games. Maybe their are more but not mention here due to the least use of language hope now you are very much familer with the application of languages .

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