How We Get Enough Vitamin C In Less Intake Of Fruits and veges

Vitamin c is one of the most required vitamin for our body. also known as ascorbic acid although its chemical formula is C6H8O6. It is water soluble in nature means your body don’t hold it for long so that you need to include vitamin c in your daily diet. But do you know How We Get Enough Vitamin C In Less Intake Of Fruits Their are lots of food to have sufficient vitamin c for a day. your body needs 75 – 85 mg of vitamin c daily(in age between 12-18). breastfeeding women needs 120mg of vitamin c daily as per study. even the maximum intake of vitamin c is upto 2000mg a day. but consuming too much then required may have adverse effect.

Where We Get Vitamin C For Our Body

List of food item that you can consume.

A 100gm of orange has 136mg Vitamin c and one orange a day is enough for your body as normal. 

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Half cup of chopped chili peppers has 107 mg of vitamin c. even in studies it is found that capsaicin a compound which make chili hot help in relief joint and muscle pain.

A cup of chopped red bell peppers contain 3 time more vitamin c then an orange. Though it has vitamin A and also promote eye health. In other hand green bell peppers is little sweeter then red and does’t has more vitamin as in red bell peppers. but also has sufficient vitamin c as per daily requirements.

It is also rich in vitamin A and a cup of kale has seven time more vitamin k then required for a day. One cup kale has 80.5mg of vitamin c.

It provide 132mg of vitamin c also researchers says this helps in prevention with cancers.

Half papaya has an approx 83mg of vitamin c also it helps in lighten skin and strengthen your bones.

A cup of these superfruit has 83mg of vitamin c also it helps to whiten your teeth naturally.

Eating a head of cauliflower gives 127.7mg of vitamin c and 5 grams of fiber and protien.

pineapple contain 78.9gm of vitamin c and it has bromelain enzymes reduce bloating and also helps to recover faster after work out.

Potassium and copper rich fruit Kiwi just two fruit contains 137.2 mg of vitamin c.

King of all fruits it has 123.3mg of vitamin c also it has vitamin A. It helps to increase immunity as well improve your eye health.

This contain 228mg per 100g also rich in antioxidant and helps you to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 


A very important vitamin that your body needs to improve you immune system, heart diseases, connective tissues, blood vessels. Consuming more than enough vitamin C has negative effects like Diarrhea, Nausea, Vomiting, Heartburn, Abdominal cramps, Headache, Insomnia. as we know now How We Get Enough Vitamin C In Less Intake Of Fruits, try to include it in your daily diet as deficiency of vitamin c can cause scurvy which can leads to anemia. Hope now you are far clear and if possible your next dish must have anyone from list Live healthy!!

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