What will happen if Poison expires ? is it Effective when expired ?

Did you ever imagine what will happen if poison expires, does it become more poisonous or it becomes ineffective. Amazing right!!  Let discuss in brief about the types of poisonous and its origin and its expire date and lets elaborate this in simple and  scientific way.   

What Will Happen If Poison Expires ?

nature of poison.

  1. Venom –  A toxic substance produced by some animals (such as  scorpions, snakes or bees). That’s injected into prey or an enemy chiefly by biting or stinging and has an lethal or injurious effect

  2. Lab prepared poison – This are the poison which were created by human researchers in their labs for various working purpose and also their are some natural and lab chemicals that can kill any human or animals when consumed.

Do both have expire dates?
yes! Both poisons have its expire date respectively.

Effectiveness of expired poisons.

As we know every packets and products have their expire dates and it is said when any product get expired then you should not use it. Simple reason behind this is chemical properties changes with time as carbon forms diamond when kept under high pressure for too many years. Even a vine taste also change with its duration of life. Similarly in poison or venom the structure of molecules changes with respect to time accordingly which makes it even more poisonous then before 

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types of poisons

The Most Deadliest Poison

The botulinum toxic (Botox) is perhaps the deadliest poison within the world. It can cause botulism, which is one among the foremost deadly conditions known to man and it takes just a little amount of this poison to kill thousands of individuals . In fact, just 1.3 nanograms is enough to finish one person’s life.

Botox suggests that it’s an equivalent stuff that pouting celebs inject into their foreheads to cover their emotions.

The reason why botox doesn’t kill you thousand times over is because incredibly small amounts are used, only enough to paralyze muscles and to not kill. The botox industry is additionally tightly regulated to be very sure this remains the case.

Poison which is responsible for quick death.
  • Cyanide is one among the foremost documented quick death poisons even easily available poison and a specific favorite with spies, double agents and detective novel writers. this is often present poison and one that you simply can find in small doses in everything from apple seeds to apricot kernels and tobacco smoke

    but only slight. Cyanide probably won’t kill you in seconds, but it can kill during a minute if the dose is high enough. In fact, this quick death poison typically kills in under 10-15 minute .

  • Hydrogen cyanide is even more deadly as it’s a gas. it had been employed by the Nazis during the Holocausta very dark time in human history.

  • Tetrodotoxin, which comes from the puffer fish. it is also found within the blue-ringed octopus, an 8-legged devil from the bowels of hell that injects its prey with enough Tetrodotoxin to kill over 2 dozen humans

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A poision who kills very slowly and the most painful
  • Dimethylmercury ((CH3)2Hg), as an example , can trigger a really long and slow death. Like many horrible things within the universe, this poison is man-made and doses as low as a tenth of a milligram are known to prove fatal. But symptoms might not start until month after exposure.
  • Polonium also can deliver a painful death that there’s no cure. this is often the poison wont to kill former spy Alexander Litvinenko. The scary thing is that it could take one gram of this substance to kill over 1,000,000 humans.
  • Lead and mercury this metal can also kills you painfully and slowly  when consumed. Also these are easily available poison even mercury is used in thermometer generally present in liquid state in room temperature so be aware of this killing poison. 
King Of all the poisons
deadliest poison

Arsenic is usually referred to as the “king of poisons”. Not simply because it’s somewhat widely available or because it’s deadly (which it is), but mainly because it’s relatively undetectable. it’s been the poison of choice for several poisoners throughout history, especially black widows. one among the foremost popular methods of arsenic poisoning was to use fly pape, which was a widely available strip of sticky paper that was coated in arsenic. it might be hung in homes, attracting flies that might stick with it and die. This paper was then employed by poisoners as a fast and clean way of removing partners, friends, and anyone else who came their way.

Arsenic can now be detected, but that wasn’t the case within the past. due to this it had been wont to kill many royals and other famous figures and is claimed yo are liable for the deaths of both George III and Napoleon . There also are countless theories involving arsenic, including the death of Elizabeth First, whose makeup is claimed to possess contained the poison.

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