What food items we should not eat after eating mango and why ?

A national fruit of India having a great taste and greatest fans among all other fruits. Many of you waits for summer season specially for mangoes. This amazing and super delicious fruit had a lots of vitamins too and many use to eat 2-3 or more mangoes a day!! But it is too fun to eat but did you ever realized what food items we should not eat after eating mango ? yup! there are some foods that we should avoid after eating mango that we are going to discuss here and also will see the reason behind this.

What Food Items We Should Not Eat After Eating Mango And Why ?

1. Spicy food/packed masala items

Eating this food just after mango may harm your digestive function as mango is sweet naturally and after consuming, the chemical secrete in our stomach to digest which take 1-2 hours and during this period when some spicy or packed masala items like kurkure, wafers may react inside your stomach which leads to

  • Skin diseases in future.
  • Upset stomach.   

2. Curd

In most house people use to add milk while making mango juice and yes!! this is good also this will not harm your body but the point is when you club mango and curd together this will produce heat and cold in the body at the same time which you may not feel soon but repeating this habit may lead to.

  • Skin issues in future.
  • Produce toxins in your body.

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3. Water

Yes!! water as most of us already know and also doctor says, we should never drink water immediately after eating bananas, curd, or it can be any foods including your lunch, dinner etc in which mango is also present but why? The simple answer is, when we eat food our intestine, pancreas, stomach release different chemicals, gastric juice mostly contains concentrated  hydrochloric acid and as we intake water this dilutes the acids and reduces its effect which cause in poor digestion of foods and the same happens when we drink water immediately after eating mango which leads to.

  • Stomach aches 
  • Acidity

4. Bitter Gourd

Hope you amazed! Why this bitter gourd!? Yes this is one who has many disadvantages if not cooked properly and its seeds also disturb your digestion although it has various advantages too, being in list of green vegetables it is too good for our eyes, helps to fight bacteria, immune our cells good during pregnancy and many more but after eating mango it should be strictly avoided as this lead to

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Pain in abdomen   

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5. Cold Drinks

Drinking juice is good but drinking cold drinks or can say market prepared cold drinks may harm your digestion when consumed with or just after mango as there is a lot of sugar contain in mangoes and cold drinks also has high amount of sugar which will spike up your sugar level in your body and could be very dangerous for diabetic patients. Generally it is not preferred to drink such packed cold drinks. It is prepared with artificial colors and chemicals which may damage your liver in long term.    

Hopefully if you had never evolved in any one of these practices then it’s too good for you but if anyone has a single practice please avoid and try to have control on you as this might harms you at your old age and off course you regret. Eat healthy stay healthy !

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