SEO Foundations LinkedIn Course Test Solution 100%

SEO Foundations Test Solution

SEO Foundations LinkedIn Test Solution
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SEO Foundations Test Solution (ADD Credit To Your Semester With Certificate)

1. What do search engines use to trust that a local business is an appropriate place for which users are looking?

Answer : Citations

2. What are the keys to content optimization?

Answers : Having tight, relevant themes and building trudt.

3. How will search engines deal with a poor site structure?

Answer : The search engines will not recommend the site to other users.

4. Once goals and objectives are clearly defined, what should a successful company do next in its content strategy?

Answer : Understand its key audience and its key audience’s needs

5. Your website has four pages of products your company sells. How can you tell search engines they are part of the same content, and not four unrelated sets of content?

Answer : Use a rel next attribute

6. When developing mobile content, what must you first consider?

Answer : User intent and the user experience on a mobile device

7. How can the Google Search Console indicate problems you might be having with your web server configurations?

Answer : With the crawl Errors function

8. You run a florist shop that both operates at a physical location and sells over the internet. Which search problem must you consider with mobile devices, but not with laptop and desktop computers?

Answer : Because there are no keyboards, misspellings and shortened keywords must be compensated for.

9. Which hashtag can position your content in front of the web analytics community?

Answer : #measure

10. Why should you use cells on the left side of a keyword distribution spreadsheet?

Answer : Use these cells to show the hierarchy of the various pages of your website

11. How can you optimize your presence on social media?

Answer : Limit yourself to the social media networks your customers are using.

12. Which feature in the Moz Keyword Explorer tool provides you with a relevancy score and an estimated monthly search volume?

Answer : Keyword Suggestions

13. How do search engines “see” images, files, slideshows, and other visuals on a webpage?

Answer : By the indexing

14. How can you best explain server-side caching with web pages?

Answer : A web server interacts with a database once, and then saves a copy of the page content on the server.

15. The “ten blue links” are _____.

Answer : Organic results that appear on a search engine result page

16. In which non-text element would you use a title attribute?

Answer : Images used as a link

17. Your company sells football equipment to high schools. What would influence a search engine to place the most value on one of your links?

Answer : Anchor text of “Scholastic Football Gear”

18. Which type of internal link cross-references information on your website?

Answer : Contextual link

19. Sanjay needs to find new link-building opportunities. What should he NOT do?

Answer : He should search for opportunities to buy links from as many other website as he can

20. In which link-building opportunity are you directly competing with another website in a “win-win” situation?

Answer : engaging in guest authoring

21. What is true about ongoing analysis of websites linking to you?

Answer : A combination of tools and technologies can be used to understand who is linking to you and the quality and relevance of those links.

22. Among the various pieces of data in the Moz Link Explorer, which one indicates the ability of your Home Page to influence rankings?

Answer : Domain Authority

23. Which markup type is the most popular to provide a syntax, which will help search engines identify specific types of content on your website?

Answer : Schema microdata

24. How do e-commerce websites differ from other websites, as far as search engine optimization (SEO) is concerned?

Answer : The products a company sells are often discussed outside the bounds of the website.

25. Which factors are involved in search engine optimization?

Answer : Relevance and authority

26. If you are using HTML for your webpages, why will you include style sheets?

Answer : Style sheets are extra instructions that define the visible elements on a webpage

27. You are analyzing keywords, and notice several have significant numbers of impressions with low click-through rates. What does this mean?

Answer : You are showing up in search results often , but users are rarely clicking on your listing

28. Where do you set the rules to control how search engines crawl through your website?

Answer : robots.txt

29. What can Google Analytics tell you about missed opportunities with your keywords?

Answer : Google Analytics only provides data on traffic you are already attracting, not on missed opportunities.

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