Locus best attachments in COD mobile for multiplayer and BR

Want to become sniper king? Just after reading us and by following guide you can improve you performance during combat. After a great research and reviewing the professional game play, I have found most of the players using locus. Here I will provide you Locus Best Attachments In COD Mobile. This attachments will boom your sniper’s quick scope skill and improves your kills ratio.

Locus Best Attachments In COD Mobile

Locus sniper attachments that you must use.

By reviewing and practicing much with this sniper. I have found one of the best attachment for multiplayer matches that is also use by other big gamers is as listed.

  • Barrel – YKM Lightweight Short.
  • Stock – OWC Skeleton Stock
  • Ammunition – OWC Stopping Power Reload.
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape
  • Optic – 4X Tactical Scope(multiplayer) / Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor (Battle Royale)*This will increase damage range and silenced the fire best use in battle royale

You can see our @GODSGAMING YouTube channel and tutorial of attachments used in this video,

Must see this tutorial for best attachments in Locus sniper that will definitely boom your sniper skills.

This attachments is basically focus on.
Increasing damage, range and mobility of Locus. but
Decreases Fire rate, accuracy and controls. As this decrease doesn’t affect your performance because fire rate is mainly effective for auto fire guns and if their is no auto fires then control also doesn’t required as much. Accuracy in single fire mode sniper is mainly depend on you. This attachments is basically a intelligent way to manage your required skills while using locus.

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Comparing locus without attachments and after professional attachments.
COD mobile states with and without attachments

Other Loadout with Locus to use in multiplayer.

Now we know very well about the locus attachments but with this we will also see our other loadouts as well below.

  • Secondary Weapon – Melee weapons (choose any). This will help you to survive in close combat where using sniper is difficult when enemy is too close.
  • Operator Skill – Purifier, this will definitely helps you while dealing with more then one enemy at a time.
  • Lethal – Molotov Cocktail.
  • Tactical – Concussion Grenade, this will slow down the enemy and help you to aim better.
  • Perks –  Lightweight(Helps you to run fast while handling locus), Hard Wired(Makes you immune to Counter – UAVs and EMP grenades), Hardline(this will increases the point from killing by 25%)

This is the Locus Best Attachments In COD Mobile that you should try to improve your snipping with Locus

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