how to save data while using hotspot in laptop windows 10

Many a times you got a message “You have used your 50% of daily data limit”. and just after few minutes an other message pop “you have used your 90% of daily data limit” and this time it hits hard to our brain. When ever you connect your mobile hotspot with your laptop then it will take just 10-15 minutes to consume your all data. Right? Not only you many of us have faced this shock even I also. Probably you have pause your windows update and even Microsoft store update but still a lot of data is running away because of the system or background activities. I have tried too many settings and changes and fixed this data consumption in just few steps. Let me tell you how to save data while using hotspot in laptop in windows 10.

Data used to fast while connected with laptop fix

How to check which application is consuming your data and the reason behind this.

Method 1

First thing first we will check who is eating up your data before doing any changes in your computer. As this help you to know the main cause of data consumption.

Connect your laptop/computer with the mobile hotspot or someone else mobile hotspot if your data is exhausted. (It will take just 2-3 minutes then you can disconnect the hotspot). When connected with internet open Task Manager by right click on windows icon at left bottom corner or by Ctrl+Alt+Del.

  1. If list doesn’t appear click on more details below and tap on Network once. Then it will show you which application is consuming your data with which speed in Mbps.

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Task Manager

In Network option tap on it and if the arrow is facing down then means it will show the data consumption in decreasing order.
Note- This image shows my data it may be vary person to person.
Now make a note of all the application who is consuming more then 0.2Mbps network. We have to work on this task only in settings.

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Method 2

Check the data usages from network settings it will show your monthly application who consumed the most data.

Open setting locate Network and internet, In status tap Data usages and you will see all the application and it data consumption.
Note the applications who you may don’t know and uses a lot of data in respect to other.

How to fix the unnecessary application using data.

Their are many reasons behind this. I have mention all the steps and setting that can help you fix it. From your note that you have notice in above steps, Fix those application as mention in the list of different fixes. Also you can follow all the settings below as it also improves your windows performance and data consumption problem in all respect.

1. Turn off background Apps (Common step)

To avoid data consumption and slow speed you should turn off your background application 
Settings > Privacy > Background apps   or simply search “Background apps” Then turn off all your application background activity if not.

how to save data while using hotspot in laptop
2. Turn off the automatic updates of Windows and Microsoft store.(Common steps).

Most of the time your data is consumed in downloading this application updates in Microsoft store as well as the big sized windows update. 
to turn them off first open the Microsoft store by searching, then in right top tap on 3 dots and select settings and simply turn off “Updates app automatically “
Then close the store and open your windows settings and click on Updates an security then tap on “Pause Updates for 7 days” 3-4 times. Then Go to the “Advanced options ” and turn off every things as mention in photo below. 

how to save data while using hotspot in laptop

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This is how to save data while using hotspot in laptop but still after fixing this many people face the same problem of more data consumption let see how these service host problem can be solved.

3. Antimalware service executable consuming a lot of network.

If this is your problem and this antimalware is consuming a lot of network then the problem is in your windows defender. You have to

  • disable Real-Time protection
  • Change Windows Defender’s Scheduling Options.
  • Add Antimalware Service Executable to Exclusion List
  • Disable Windows Defender 
  • Update All Device Drivers

Starting 4 points can help you to solve this problem Know more in detail “How to fix antimalware service executable high data consumption” 

4. Service host: Background intelligence is Consuming your data:

If this was and error then you have to disable this service by using service.msc in cmd. Background intelligence transfer service also known as BITS. The purpose of this service is to use idle network bandwidth to transfer files in the background.  As this doesn’t require in your windows. Although you can do this when you have WiFi and at that time update your windows to the latest version from updates and security in settings.
See the detail step wise procedure to solve the “service host Background intelligence consuming high data fix

Updating your windows will help you fix all this issues but still if you dont have a stable connection or Wifi then this alternative can also fix this.

This is all about how to save data while using hotspot in laptop in windows 10. still problem is not fixed do comment bellow i will help you fix it in a detail way.

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