How to optimize page speed on WordPress for 100% Performance

Page Speed

Get the best page speed and the fastest website. Upto 400ms speed and 100% performance. Just follow the following steps to optimize page speed on WordPress.

Page Speed

The time it takes for content on a webpage to load is referred to as page speed.

It’s easy to get this term mixed up with other site optimization terms like “site speed,” which refers to the average loading time of multiple sample pages on a site.

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Page speed, on the other hand, refers to the time it takes for a single webpage to load. Page speed is determined by a variety of factors, including server quality, file sizes, picture compression, and more.

SEO And Page Speed

If you want your site to rank well in Google searches, you should work on boosting the page speed of your site.

Insights into page speed can offer you a good sense of how well your site will rank in search engines.

To compete for a spot on Google’s first page, your page speed must beat out the loading times of the top 10 organic page results. Otherwise, your page will be relegated to Google’s second or third page, where the majority of searchers will never go.

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How To Optimize Page Speed In WordPress

Page load speed

It’s time to work on increasing the page speed you’re dealing with now that you’ve got a good sense of what you’re up against.

Make sure to look over the page speed test findings to identify which areas need the most improvement. You can check this in GTmertix

This not only saves you time, but it also ensures that you receive the most bang for your buck. In general, the following are some of the most effective strategies to increase page speed:

Compress HTML,CSS,JS : Users may not always have the bandwidth required to load your website as-is. In certain cases, a compression-enabled application can automatically reduce file sizes to make your page load faster.

Optimize your site’s code: Your site’s code has a big impact on its speed, especially when it comes to loading time. For faster loading times, make sure to eliminate superfluous characters, commas, spaces, and other elements.

Use Small images (jpg/webp) : While we all prefer crystal-clear photos, utilising smaller images can help improve page speed. Finding a balance between image quality and image size is critical.

First visible View on load : Keep the first viewable page very light, Don’t use javaScript or Advertisement as much, Don’t use large images, Don’t use animation.Keep it simple and straightforward.

Plugin to use

Their are several plugins which can help you to fix speed. but I used WP Rocket. I analyse most of the plugin but for me WP Rocket gives me the best outcome.

Before enabling the WP Rocket I have a speed of 4 seconds and performance is 47%. But when i followed the steps I provided above and this plugin I am able to achieve 500ms speed and 100% performance.

Low page speed
Before optimization
High page speed
After optimization

Click Proceed to download WP rocket Pro

Just 30 seconds.

Contacting Server

Plugin Setup

For full plugin setup you can see this video tutorial. In this tutorial all the important factors and setting are explained well. Also you will get the live preview of speed difference.

It will take you just 20 minutes to complete all of these setups and for life time you don’t need to worry about you super speed on google.

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Secret Tips

Hey guyz hope much you like the page load speed. But wait. Don’t rush, A best way to optimize any page is to decrease the third party access or redirects in the website. Always use low size image upto 50kb.

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