How to move whatsApp chats and media to Telegram

Switching to telegram and you want to move whatsapp chats and media to telegram? Telegram has a special feature to move media and chats from other messaging apps to telegram by using the Export Chat menu. Below are the few steps that you should follow accordingly,

move whatsapp chats and media to telegram
  • Open your whatsapp app.
  • open the group or a person’s chat to whom you want to export it in telegram
  • Tap on the three vertical dots shown at top left.
  • Select “More” then select “Export chat”.
  • After you tap on export chat then option will come there you have to choose telegram.
  • Users are asked if they need to restore the chats with or without media. select choice as per your preference.

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transfer whatsapp chat to telegram

You can see in above image how it appears when importing is completed.

Now user can also move whatsapp chat on IOS by following steps below.

Steps to follow for IOS user

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Select chat to be moves
  • Open Contact Info page in WhatsApp.
  • Tap Export Chat
  • Choose Telegram in the Share menu.

Telegram had noted that the messages and media don’t occupy extra space. Users can further release space by getting to Settings > Data and Storage > Storage Usage. Telegram users must however note that chats aren’t encrypted by default Telegram and users got to enable a secret conversation for messages to be encrypted.

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Signal also enables users to export WhatsApp group contacts by sending out a link. Here is how you’ll do it,

  • Open the Signal app,
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner
  • Create a group on the app.
  • Give the newly created group a name
  • Enter the contacts that  you want on the Signal group chat.
  • Go to the new Signal group
  • Tap on three dots available at top right.
  • Select Settings > click on the Group link.
  • Activate the Group link just by tapping on the Share option or turning it on.
  • Go to WhatsApp group chat and paste the same group link.

This is how you can move whatsapp chats and media to telegram in IOS and android both. and we have provided the steps to transfer your chats to signal app also.

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