How to get pimple clear face? do home Remedies really work ?

One of the most common problem faced by generally every single person atleast once in their life. That is how to get pimple clear face. Yes!! This is very common in person life, pimple doesn’t depend on any skin tone or skin type it is due to the nature and puberty let discus in detail.

How to get pimple clear face? do home Remedies really work ?

Why pimples ? 

  1. If You are teenager, age between (13-19 years). This happens due to growth of your tissues and cells within your body. A age of puberty in boys/girls during this period coming of pimple(acne) is  common in all teenagers may be at the age of 13-15 or 16 -17 or 18-19  this depends how early or late your body grows. 
  2. Excess oil production on your face can be a big issue which cause pimples as dust particles with bacteria got stick with oil on your face and results in pimples. 
  3. Accumulation of dead skin cells on your face can also occur pimples. so at least once a day you should wash your face . 
  4. Bacterial infection of the follicle. 
  5. Changes in hormonal levels as noted during puberty or pregnancy 
  6. Certain medications such as lithium and corticosteroids . 
  7. Diet: Foods including chocolates, chips, or oily stuffs etc. are known to worsen acne. 
  8. To much of Stress. 
  9. Friction or pressure on the skin due to rubbing, shaving or touching your face too much harms to that skin which results in pimples and burning sensation on that area. 

how to prevent

How to get pimple clear face? do home Remedies really work ?
  • Wash face twice a day . 
  • Avoid contact with oily and greasy substances. 
  • Protect skin from sun by applying sunscreens and moisturizers on your face . 
  • Avoid friction and pressure on the skin by avoiding continuously touching that infected area.   
  • When ever you come in your house from outside just take a time and wash your face as too much dust and chemicals present in atmosphere. 
  • Get adequate rest and sleep 
  • Avoid oily or packed foods that worsen acne. 

Home remedies really work ?

So this is a big question their are too many home remedies which says that they prevent pimples so what you think is it true ?? 
so if you are teenager then these home remedies like using tomato or papaya on your face or honey which you may have seen in most of YouTube channels. All this ways is not going to prevent pimples from growing it just help to keep your skin moisturize and may reduce pimples. because this is a natural process in teenagers during their puberty so don’t worry dear just keep cleaning your face with herbal face wash and this will definitely going to disappear after 2 years and that black/red spots will also clear after your puberty stops. no need to worry at all about acne. 

But if you are not in a age group of 13 to 19 and still facing pimples/Acne, then you need some medical treatment or may be you lack vitamin c in your body. So start eating lemon, guavas, oranges, papayas etc. but remember vitamin c never stays in your body means any excess is flushed out of the body. So you have to consume it daily prefer eating vitamin c tablets. and consider consulting a dermatologist .  

Taking care of your skin is similar to consuming vitamin c mainly and other vitamins in your daily routine.  
shower properly don’t use hard shop on your skin. don’t take and use too much chemicals.  
Eat healthy stay healthy!!

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