How to find discord iD in android (Updated) and in windows.

Discord is an intelligent application and one of the most popular application that can help to interact with others. what makes it intelligent? yes this has a lots of features that will help to manage and divide your works between group and also has bots that helps you to work and progress accordingly. Most of the games tournaments or groups for some working purpose make use of it. not going in deep but lots of time new user face difficulties understanding the functioning. If you are participating in game tournaments and for verification. They will ask your discord id as identity then it will be really confusing how to find discord ID in android or in windows. So as per latest update of discord you can find your ID just by following this steps respectively.

How To Find Discord ID In Android

Android device

Download or open your Discord app and log in if not logged in.
Step 1. Go to your profile(in bottom left you will see an icon or profile picture click on it).
Step 2. Scroll down and tap on “Behavior” in APP SETTING below with a setting icon.
Step 3. In Chat Behavior you will see “Developer Mode” simply enable it if not enabled. by default it is not enable.

enable developer mode in discord

Step 4. Come back and now you have to find your ID and copy it. To do so text anyone about any thing, you just have to type and send any text to anyone in chat group or to friends or anywhere in given section your choice.
Step 5. When you text their you will find your profile icon in left side of your text. tap on it and just there you will see a option “COPY ID” and this is what you are looking for. it will be like 556705573077385216(this is my discord id) as an example.

Discord ID

All Done !

Windows or in desktop in PC/laptop.

To find Discord ID in your computer you just have to open any browser and search for Discord official website. Then select “Open Discord in your browser” if asks. Then it will ask your username and password to login your account.

Step 1. Go to user settings in bellow right side of your name and headphone icon  there you will see one more icon like settings.Tap on it.
Step 2. Scroll down and find “ADVANCED” in the section of “APP SETTINGS” and enable “Developer Mode“.
Step 3. Text anyone and then click on the 3 dots in left to your text and there you will find the option copy id. 

enable developer mode in PC
enable developer mode in PC

This is how you can simply find your discord server id also note ID is different for desktop and different for mobile devices.
Hope now you know how to find your discord ID.

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