How to add and link an image to other page in HTML

Adding and Linking an image in html

This is our third step towards a web development course. Starting with HTML is like making a skeleton of the website. We will discuss how to add and link an image to other page in HTML linking an image redirects to another page in html. add link to image online html link with image and text

HTML Utilize the <img> element as well as the <a> tag with the href property to use an image as a link in HTML. The <img> element is used to include an image in a web page, whereas the <a> tag is used to include a link.

Add the picture’s URL to the src property of the image element. Include the height and breadth as well.

<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>HTML Image as link</title>
      The following image works as a link:<br>
      <a href="">
         <img alt="Qries" src=""
         width=150" height="70">

Learn about metatag and head in html

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