How do i transfer all my numbers and applications to my new device?

Google has made the method of fixing a new Android device and transferring all of your content to your new phone. Exponentially easier with recent versions of Android. This is a reasonably pain-free process to just follow the new phone setup as they ask you to do. Even if you didn’t know what to do and how you can transfer all your numbers and applications to new device. Follow these steps below. 

Transfer your applications, WiFi passwords and contacts using google.


Open the settings on your old Android device and then search for Backup or the Back up and restore or back up and reset settings page in search bar above.

Select the Backup my data and enable it if not enabled 

choose your backup account if mention in which you want to restore all your backed u data. and the same account you have to use in your new device.

Transfer data from old device to new device

To check whether your backup is saved or not in your account.

Open Google drive app or download it from playstore.  select that same account which u have selected before in step1. 

Then go tap on that 3 line icon in top left and select backups.

If you see “Your device isn’t backed up” then tap bellow on backup setting. Check you have good internet connection or prefer WiFi and tap on “Back up now”

Wait for a while it will take upto 5 minutes depending on your internet speed.

when your backup is done then close your app and reopen it. In same account you will see your backup file its mean you are all done. Now open your new device.

*If you didn’t see the option “Your device isn’t backed up” then probably it mean your device is already backed up before  automatically. Here you will see your backup file which means you are all done. Now open your new device.

Setting up your new device


Now once you have set up your new Android device, all you have to do is sign in using the same Google account that you used before for backing up your data and select the “Restore from backup” option to restore all your data.

Google also automatically download and install all the apps installed on your old Android phone to your new one, based on your preference and account.

If this doesn’t work for you or you may have not followed the steps shown by your new device. Then below are few other steps that you should follow..

To transfer photos and applications

Install “Share it ” or “XENDER” in both the devices and from it you can easily transfer all your applications, photos in one to the new device.

To Transfer contacts.

Install google contacts in your both device > open it first in old device then choose the account that you have in new device and tap on 3 line icon in top left > Settings > scroll up and find “Import”> tap in and select SIM card > OK . Wait for a few second and let the device import your all sim card contacts in your google account. 

Then open the same application and account in your new device and there you will find all your contacts and if you want to save these contacts in your device. Then follow the same steps in setting go to restore, choose account from where you want to restore and tap restore it will download all your contacts in your device..

This is how you can simply transfer all your numbers and applications to new device. 

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