Does eye drops, surgery, exercise, lens really improves your eyesight ?

First you should know about the types of disorders that may occur in our eye . 

A person can not see far objects perfectly but can see near object nicely. You may have lens with negative powers.

opposite of myopia. Here a person can not see nearby objects clearly but can see far away objects nicely.You may have lens with positive power.

Due to lack of vitamin A this defect cause difficulty to analysis or see any object clearly in dim light or at night.

 It is a genetic defect comes from our parents. Our eyes cannot distinguish between primary colors Red, Blue, Green.

This generally  happens to old age people after 50. can not see nearby object clearly but can see far objects.

generally happens to old age people which blurs the vision or completely blind.

due to improper structure of curvature of cornea this blurs the vision.

 Double vision due to uneven position of eyeballs. 

increased accumulation of fluids in aqueous chamber. which  when not controlled may lead to complete blindness. 

inflammation due to foreign particle or cuts this is common for people. 

Treatments we have

Now lets have a look on the way the treatments done at home or at hospital that mostly people speak about like

  • Eye Surgery
  • Eye Exercises
  • Eye Drops
  • Eye Vitamins

->Does Eye Surgery improve our eyesight ?

Does eye drops, surgery, exercise, lens really improves your eyesight ?

Yes!! Eye surgery is the best practice done by doctor to totally improve your eyesight after the age of 18 you may go for this but avoid doing this until you had a high power or high difficulty of vision. 

But if not maintained properly you may got glasses again within 3-5 years as 50% of people got their glass back even after a successful surgery.  

-> Do eye exercise improve vision ?

Many times you may listen of this technique eye exercise in different ways may be in youtube, internet, or by parents or relatives, But scientifically these exercise temporary correct vision but it requires a long period a year or two but as soon as you leave doing exercise your eyes get to that old poor vision as it was before

just doing exercises like moving eyeballs, focusing or whatever, are not going to reshape your cornea nor fix any problem just helps you to get your eyes relaxed and clear. 

-> Eye drops can fix this ?

Does eye drops, surgery, exercise, lens really improves your eyesight ?

Remember no eye drops can remove your glasses they just improve symptoms.

For dry eyes, drops just add artificial water to it inplace of tears . Even the eye drops helps to clear dust from eyes and gives a temporary relief to your eyes. A natural rosewater drops can also give that much relief to your eyes but no drops can cure your vision.

->Do eye vitamins help to get your clear sight back?

Vitamins are very essential for your body growth, even vitamins prevent your eyes from and maintain the sight you have. some of the eye disorder like nightblindness and others which cause due to lack of vitamin A in your diet. So keep eating more and more vitamin in your diet plan and also start taking vitamin c in your daily routine . 


The only way to cure your eye defect is the eye operation to manually reshape your cornea or to work on problems you have with your eyes.

medicines, drops, exercise , vitamin were also good i am not saying to not use it, this will definitely maintain your eye sight for a long term and also improve your eye functioning and moisture keep working on it.

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