Chrome dino game Autojump hack, 5+cheats and backend codes

A game by google developer named Sebastien Gabriel invented in 2014, You can play this game on google chrome when you have no internet access or by searching chrome://dino/.

In this article we will see about chrome dino game autojump hack and 5+ cheats of different modes. Also you will get dino game backend codes at the end of this page.

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Chrome Dino Game Autojump Hack, 5+Cheats And Backend Codes

Where to implement cheats/commands?

So first know where to give command or implement cheats to modify dino game in chrome.

Open the game in new tab.

Step 1. Right click anywhere on the screen and select inspect from the menu appears. It will open chrome web tool on right side of your screen.

Step 2. At the top of tool select Console.

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And this is all you need to copy and paste the provided commands their. Click Enter after pasting each commands/Cheats then close the web tool and start enjoying your modified game.

Immortal Dino

This cheat will make your Dino invincible to all obstacles and let you run smoothly without showing game over.

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver

Press Enter and again copy below command.

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function(){}

Now tap Enter and close the web tool and click space to start your game.

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inspect and command for dino game

What we are doing : We are storing the original game over function in a variable and then, we make the game over function empty

Need for speed Dino

In this we will increase or decrease the speed of Dino. Copy-paste the following command in console after making it Immortal.


Also you can change the number value to change the speed from 1000 to 0.00000009 to make it super slow or 100000000 to make it super fast.. Then press Enter key and space to start playing.

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High Jumper

Making Dino to jump high in the sky, Copy paste the following command line.


You can Change the number from 10 to any value to take jump effect as per your choice.

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Flying Dino

This command will make your Dino a space walker amazing !!. Yes, you can change the gravity in dino game and this will make your Dino to jump slowly like it is floating in space.

Runner.instance_.tRex.config.GRAVITY = 0.1

You can Change the number value accordingly as per your wish and press enter.

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Become normal

When you want to stop the game and making your Dino normal, Revert back to the original game over function

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original

Set high score

You can set any high score in your dino game just copy-paste the command below and press enter.

Runner.instance_.distanceRan = 12345 / Runner.instance_.distanceMeter.config.COEFFICIENT

Autoplay/Autojump Dino

This is one from my favorite mode. In this you have to do nothing, Just give a brain to your Dino and rest your Dino will do.

Refresh/reload that browser and open chrome web tool again by opening inspect and then in console paste the following command and press Enter.

const autoPlayLoop = function() {
	const JUMP_SPEED = 50;

	const instance = window.Runner.instance_;
	const tRex = instance.tRex;

	if( tRex.jumping ) {

	const tRexPos = tRex.xPos;
	const obstacles = instance.horizon.obstacles;

	const nextObstacle = obstacles.find(o => o.xPos > tRexPos);

	if( nextObstacle && ( nextObstacle.xPos - tRexPos ) <= DISTANCE_BEFORE_JUMP ) {



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Chrome Dino Game Source Codes.

Did you ever realize, how this game was made off. What programming languages were used in. How long the backend is? Below is the provided dino game backend source code that you can save it and run it in your browser.

* Click the button above, a game page will open,

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  • Right click any where on screen and select view page source
  • Copy whole program by Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C then paste it in your notepad.
  • Then in top menu select file and Save as to save your file
  • Name the file like ” name.html, put .html at the end of your name with no space.
  • Now in file manager you will find your saved file having an icon of google chrome, double click and enjoy playing your game.

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