A day in a life of Elon Musk. what he do, how he do,when he do ?

Nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week.” These are the words spoken by multi-billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk,  who not only runs two of the foremost innovative companies of current times, Tesla and SpaceX, but also juggles travel, interviews, and a family of 5 teenage sons on a day to day .
It’s no secret that Elon Musk’s fruitful ventures are built off the rear of diligence , dedication, and smart move making – but what about the details? Wouldn’t it’s great to know how the foremost influential man within the world organizes his time and manages to cram everything into a seemingly impossible schedule?

A day in life of elon musk

Morning Routine

It seems to be great divide between business tycoon. That’s a how much sleep is needed to stay at the top of a day again
Jeff Bezos, As he likes to wake up naturally without and alarm whereas Donald trump sleeps just for 3-4 hours at night. Musk sits somewhere middle of this extremes it is just 6 hours his sleep border. He doesn’t wake up early as you might think, After a long half day of work and a little vine down in the evening. He usually sets an alarm to 7:00 Am and after some nice hour of sleeping he prefer some stretching and grab a cup of coffee and may be sit with morning paper and jumps to his email that he received during his unconsciousness. 


However, Musk does differ from many of us in one respect. He usually skips breakfast because he wants to urge on together with his work as quickly as possible, his emails and phone calls that he used to check it and receive along with his morning hours. Musk makes time for a shower every morning. But then , he usually jumps straight into his work.

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School run

Elon Musk has his own personal school that explains how artificial intelligence is use or how its made, Math and Engineering and a one year children can also enroll in this school where keyboard is generally used over notebooks by typing, School namedAd Astra”  As he didn’t believe that the US schooling system is effective. Generally he wants to create next generation employees to work in those big companies such as space X and Tesla.

Work Day

Elon Musk works at SpaceX on Mondays and Fridays. Sometimes, he’ll also spend some of Saturday performing at the corporate . However, he packs tons into those days. That’s an equivalent amount of your time that the majority people work for an entire week. Elon Musk packs that into two or three days.

He spends his remaining of the week at Tesla. Musk typically packs 42 hours of labor into those three days at Tesla.

On top of all of that, he often fits half a day’s work into the Open AI project. this is often a non-profit organisation that focuses on helping AI achieve wider use.

On an average he used to work for 82 hours a week, that means he spends a around 12 hours a day on work.


As for eating, Musk applies an identical routine to his breakfast philosophy. He used to eat as quickly as possible to get to his work faster as he can , assuming he eats in the least. Lunch for Musk is typically a five-minute rush while he’s within the middle of a business meeting.

He eats whatever that can be arranged quickly for him whether it will be salad or omelet or just a few slice of pizza, Elon Musk said food is a simple kind of fuel for him to work further.  

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musk has its own different meeting rule that he use to follow at his regular basis.

  1. No large meetings just including 4-6 people maximum.
  2. If you are not adding value to a meeting, Leave.
  3. No frequent meetings.

Other works.

Elon Musk spends 80% of his free times physically and mentally working on his ideas, He spends very little on advertising as he prefers developing more better and use money on these things instead of advertising. he also used to check his email at bathroom during his whole busy hours.

But his after work schedule demonstrates how hectic the daily routine of billionaires are often . Musk may choose a workout once he’s finished his working day. The person himself estimates that he goes to the gym twice per week. He also often attends business dinners after work. While less formal than his working days, these dinners highlight something important about Musk. They show that he focuses on business even when he’s not actively working.

The Habits of Billionaires That You Can Learn

  1. They Eliminate Distractions

  2. Have Set Night and Morning Routines

  3. Works Long Hours

  4. They Keep Their Bodies and Minds Active

These are few things that you should also keep in your mind and follow to achieve a successful life.

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