8085 Simulator Download in Windows 11/10.

8085 simulator download

8085 Simulator IDE is a capable application that provides users and instructors of the Intel 8085 8-bit microprocessor with a user-friendly graphical development environment for Windows that includes an integrated simulator (emulator), 8085 basic compiler, assembler, disassembler, and debugger.

Steps To download 8085 Microprocessor in your computer

  • Click on JAVA and download the setup in your windows.
  • Open the setup and click install to install the setup it will take few seconds.
  • Now Right Click on  8085 Microprocessor Simulator and copy it then paste it to search bar, It will directly install Simulator in your system.
  • Open File manager > downloads, You will see a application named Jubin double click on it and your simulator will open
  • If it would not open and shows any error then try step 3 again.

How to enable shortcut in your desktop

  1. Open file manager > downloads
  2. Right click on Jubin and for windows 10 click create shortcut from the menu. For windows 11 choose show more options and then choose create shortcut.
  3. Copy the created shortcut in desktop.

8085 Simulator Download Tutorial

Check the video tutorial

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