7 things that destroy your laptop/PC Slowly. you should avoid

Did you ever think that, How to keep care of your laptop/PC so that your laptop life span can increase or improve. You bought your new laptop/PC and start using it but these are machines that needs to be cared properly they never tells you about how they need to be treated  you must know about that or else you may get some error and performance issues with your device. Lets see how they should be handled properly to maintain or increase their life expectancy.

Things that can destroy your computer

1. Do not keep your laptop plugged in all the time .

I am not saying that don’t keep plugged in always, If you are gamer and use to play high performing games then your laptop should plugged in with external power supply to run properly because while gaming battery cannot fulfill the demand of power so it is recommended to plug in you charger.
But as normally while doing your work on your laptop which doesn’t demand heavy task like in gaming, video editing, developing then You should not keep connected with your charger. Also avoid charger to keep connected when your laptop is ideal or not in use. As keeping connected with your charger may not affect immediately but surely affects your internal components in long term use 

2. Close and open lid very gently.

When ever you open your laptop then this mistake you should avoid.

  1. opening lid from any of the corners as these increases the pressure at one end which may harm you laptop.
  2. holding too tight while opening.
  3. closing lid with force.

You should open your laptop lid from middle and never apply force. As you pull up from middle then the force is distributed evenly to both sides and reduce the chances of damage.

3. Shut Down your system on regular intervals.

Many a times people used to keep their system in sleep mode this is not a bad practice. but you must shutdown your system once at regular interval because in sleep mode some backend programs may still running  and this will also drain your battery life. If you shutdown your system after a month or two then during restarting this will take 15-20 minutes to function properly. So get a good practice to shutdown your laptop atleast once a week

4. Manage your wires properly.

Manage your all wires properly around your table or desk because if they were not managed properly, then some time when you move your chairs or any movements that may interrupt or engage your wires which gives damage to it in a long term. This is why all wires must be in arranged way or it may cost you due to any miss-happening .

5. Avoid using laptop while eating.

Yes you should be conscious about this as oil in your hands may damage your touch pad or keys. Oily touch pad may decrease the sensitivity and functioning of your laptop so wash your hand properly before using laptops because once oil or dust sticks on your keyboard or touch pad then it will be very difficult for you to clean it and when oil goes inside your device through key border gaps then you know what happens and this will cost you a huge.   

6.Keep important stuff out of OS drive

The most important point that you should keep your personal or important data outside from your OS Drive. Because most of the application that is huge and important that you don’t want to reinstall, If you use to save or install your those file or software in the operating system drive and may be in future if your OS get corrupt where you need to reinstall and take backup then at that case you need to format that OS drive which may create difficulties with your important documents or software. 

7. more points to avoid.

So here we had provided some more points that you should also avoid to keep your device life longer.

  • Avoid placing things on top of your device.
  • Never leave your laptop in your car.
  • Don’t put your laptop on bed while gaming or using high performance task.To avoid air block which may burn your components.
  • Update windows whenever possible.

These are few tips that will help your laptop to live longer and perform well.

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