5 unknown facts about aquatic animals that can shock you.

Do you know our earth has 72% of land full of oceans and just 5% of part is discovered or reachable by humans till know. Yes just 5%! isn’t it amazing! and still we have lots of unsolved mystery. even great scientists and researchers are still understanding the aquatic world. Hope this thing is very much clear the population of aquatic animals is far more then human beings. as we live in just 38% of earth land. Out of bunch of amazing facts and mystery in this article we will see. 5 Unknown Facts About Aquatic Animals That Can Shock You easily. 

1. Oysters can swap gender between male to female.

Did you believe that a animal can change his gender ? But, it’s true. Oysters can change from one gender to a different gender at a specific time. The change depends on the gender that becomes suitable for mating therein situation.

In Oysters life it starts with males and end by becoming females. Another awesome fact about oysters is that this aquatic animal gets the shape of that bed onto which it attaches. They stand still onto the surface that’s surrounded by an oyster group and begin to form around that bed.

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2. Male seahorses give birth to young ones.

Yes, it’s true. In studies and observation it is found that in whole aquatic ecosystem, male seahorses give birth to young ones and nurture them with care . During the mating process female seahorses release around 50 to 60 eggs into the male’s pouch. Male seahorses now has the responsibility to care those eggs and nurture them.

Male seahorses lookout of the pouch till the eggs hatch and little seahorses are released into the water. the amount of small seahorses can range from 5 – 1500.

3. Jellyfish has lived a long lifespan of 650 million years which is more then dinosaurs

Jellyfish have lived for 650 million years that is more then dinosaurs and sharks . A slimy and jelly-like creature which can be found in deep sea. The underwater scene around jellyfish may be a beholding one. Jellyfish species are available in vibrant colors and shapes and are exciting which suggests they will produce their light in sea.

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4. Octopus has blue color blood.

The three heart aquatic animal octopus also has blue color blood unlike other creatures. They have eight arms as everyone knows but the interesting point is the mouth which is in rear end of arms not in face. another fact about it is when male octopus mates with a female ones then he experiences amnesia. That means he looses his memory and thinking ability. This why male octopus after mating can be found swimming around the ocean endlessly because of amnesia.

5. Sharks don't have teeth.

Yes sharks don’t have teeth in their mouth instead of teeth sharks have scales. This is why shark’s “tooth” which is scales grows in one day when falls weekly. Even sharks don’t have skeleton body inside, they have cartilage body. Sharks don’t show any interest in hunting or eating human beings as per studies unlike in movies but female sharks may harm human just to protect their baby sharks.

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These 5 Unknown Facts About Aquatic Animals that you know now and tell this facts to others to have an interesting conversation. Also think about the oceans how deep it may be and what kind of creatures that is still mystery for us. If you ever think of exploring the world then journey from oceans will be amazing and awesome for you. 

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